Sunflowers make people smile

So Plant Your Sunflower Smiles-Now!

Together we can create  millions of smiles & 
a LARGE living art work,
great for the bees and birds.

Remember to SMILE whenever you see a sunflower this year.

Image -View of the Church of Saint Paul de Mausole with Sunflowers" 2017 by Anthony D. Padgett 

Your 2021 
Sunflower Gang 

Join the sunflower gang by planting and nurturing sunflowers anywhere you think they will make people SMILE.

Of course in your garden or even your window but be creative.

Why not plant some and give them to friends?

Consider the smile you can create by planting a pot and sharing with people queueing for their vaccination?

Could you get permission to plant one outside your work place or the school you attend?

Together, can we blanket the UK from the Highlands, through the Midlands, London, Wales and even the Isle of Wight, in bright yellow sunflowers?

And, of course we'd love to hear that your sunflower has created a smile in Belfast or Dublin, even Paris or Hamburg or further afield (no pun intended).

Please spread the word to friends, family and colleagues to help us create a spectacle that can be enjoyed by anyone, wherever in the world they take their daily walk.

And remember to smile whenever you see a sunflower this year!

How you can help

Plant Some Seeds

Whether you purchase sunflower seeds from our selected partners or find some elsewhere, please plant your sunflowers somewhere visible.

Plant your seed wisely, perhaps also inviting friends far and wide to join our project?

Together we could create something quite magnificent.

Nurture them

Although hardy, wherever you plant your sunflower seeds, make sure they have water and sunshine.

If you have donated a seed to a neighbour or to that barren spot that deserved some joy, remember to keep up the love.

You can help others to participate via Spacehive, our crowdfunding platform, where we exchange cash for seeds thus smiles.


Create Smiles

When a passerby compliments your sunflower, take the chance to have a socially distanced conversation.

Please start a mexican wave of smiles by enjoying sunflowers during 2021.

Tell your loved one that you planted the sunflower in their garden when you were waving to them through the window, so they are part of this patchwork of sunflower smiles

Did you know?

Each sunflower can contain as many as 1,000 to 2,000 seeds.
So there are tons for birdies to munch on! But you can harvest and roast them for yourself, too.

The tallest sunflower on record was over 30 feet tall.
Coming in at 30-feet, 1-inch, the bloom was grown in Germany. (come on gang, can we beat that?)

Sunflowers are heliotropic in their bud phase.
Why not look at the ones you plant and see that they will try to face the sun.

Sunflowers have been planted to help soak up nuclear radiation.
Sunflowers are actually good at absorbing toxins. Millions were planted after the devastating tsunami destroyed reactors in the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan.


Help us to create the largest living art piece in the UK this year

Please not only plant your own seeds but also encourage others to do the same.

If together we can encourage an army of 1000s to plant seeds, then together we can create a blanket of sunflowers across the UK.

Please add pictures of your planting, seedling and your final flowers to our facebook page.

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