Apart from helping people to smile, this project aims to rebuild communities, large and small.

Growing Sunflowers together creates bonds.

Team leaders, school teachers, care home activity providers, wellness advisers et al, please let us know how you get on with your community.

Never considered gardening a team building exercise – we have!

Who can grow the tallest?

Where is the most unusual place to grow one?

Whose sunflower is the prettiest?

Whose picture can best capture wildlife enjoying the flowers?

Help others to enjoy the pleasure of planting, growing and giving sunflowers and smiles.

Please set up a team of your own work mates, sports team members school chums or just friends & family to compete between yourselves.

You’ll all still be helping to create the carpet of sunflowers and hopefully be adding your pictures to our facebook page, for all to enjoy digitally.

Please consider helping even more people to participate in this art piece.
Why not pop a packet of seeds into the local school or care home?

Any donations through us will turn into seeds that are provided to people and organisations where the flowers will make people smile.

Thank You Individual Sunflower Heroes, All the Schools and, hopefully soon, Corporate Champions

Janice F, Karina C, JD, Sarah T, Richard W, Anthony David Padgett, Ms Butler & Year 6 of Mayfield Primary School, Alison R, IM & BM, Lynne P, Kim F, Sami S, Natalia R (aged 10), Nicole R, Lola P, Andy L.


All donations will result in more smiles, as we will turn cash into seeds so others can participate