Originally a gallery of some of the pictures sent in during 2021 from Sunflower Gang Members, many of whom are first time growers.

Now, we welcome 2022, with images from New Zealand, to join those from UK, Germany, Gran Canaria and beyond.

You can add your submission by joining the Sunflower Gang on Facebook.

The team select our favourites to appear here.

Can your Sunflower picture or sunflower inspired art reach our gallery?

Every sunflower installation is special, especially if they make you smile.

You could start your seedlings indoors whilst this 2021 Spring weather persists throughout May.

June 2021 has been better, so many gang members report successes.

In July, whilst our flowers grew, football was coming home. Jules Rimet may be gleaming but so are our sunflowers.

The greyest of all Augusts hasn’t been helpful but many members sent in great images for you to enjoy.

Early September sun brings new sunflower blooms, images and smiles.

Growing a Sunflower is Easy

If you already have a packet of seeds, then ignore step 1.

These details are for UK based participants.

  1. Buy your sunflower seeds
  2. Make sure it is March, April, May or June for full growth
  3. You can sow seeds either in pots or directly in ground
  4. Choose a well drained, sunny position
  5. Plant 2 seeds together at 1.5cm depth
  6. Then every 45cm apart if growing more
  7. Keep moist

Seedlings should appear 14-21 days later.

If both of your seeds germinate, it is worth removing the weaker one to leave one strong one in each location.

Please smile as you are planting your seeds as it may be the added ingredient that will make others smile.