Legal Notice

Name of Sunflower Gang initiator

Leigh Adams personal project to create smiles this year by encouraging many people to plant sunflowers, responsibly but in plain sight.

Registered office

There is no registered office but ask nicely and I’ll tell you where you can find sunflower installations near me.

Contact details

I can be contacted via

Please plant and nurture responsibly.

You are responsible for the seeds you sow and the flowers that entertain, so make sure they are in your realm, to keep the sunflowers healthy.

This site nor artist cannot accept liability for any costs involved in any circumstance.

If your sunflower causes someone to smile too much and they cannot remove the grin from their faces, you must be willing to accept the outcome.

When you give a sunflower as a gift to a friend or loved one and they give you a hug in return, this site cannot be responsible for the strength of that physical engagement.

When your sunflower feeds nectar to the bees and their sustainable, succulent honey is dribbling from warm toast and accidentally lands on a third party’s favourite pair of jeans, this site nor artist can be deemed legally responsible for the dry cleaning bill.

It is a well known fact that when someone smiles or laughs then it is more likely that others in the general vicinity will also be happier.

Given the aim of the project is to create millions of smiles, by, hopefully, engaging thousands of volunteer growers to plant in 10s of 1000s of general vicinities, this site nor artist cannot take responsibility for any local vicinity epidemic of smiles.

In the unlikely circumstance that a whole village has been inspired to grow sunflowers thus creating such a smiling pandemic, it is advised to await winter as this will cause the effect stimulus to wilt with resulting lessening of said effects.

Sunflower Gang members are reminded to wear sunglasses if the yellowness of their gardens becomes too bright or when the whites of passers by smiles seem to glare.

NB Airline pilots are requested to report any adverse affects of sunflower growth, especially if the UK seems to be too yellow and it becomes difficult to navigate using just eyes – please turn on your airplanes’ electronic navigation systems.

Although this site will be interested to hear you have grown a world record 30 foot sunflower, I cannot take responsibility for the queues of traffic outside your house to admire your art nor any resulting circumstances, even if, perchance, the love of your life is late home as a result.

Sunflower seeds will not grow in anyone’s mouths so definitely best not left around. If you are a hayfever sufferer who has been gifted a sunflower, please regift to someone who will smile all day, having their own sunflower.

Basically your seeds and plants are yours.
Plant and nurture them responsibly.

Please be aware other flowers are available to grow and have the capacity to encourage smiles.

BTW this site doesn’t take responsibility for those either