Privacy Policy

Data Controller

Leigh Adams

Purpose of collecting data

The project does not aim to collect information.
All are invited to participate in the project, by planting sunflower seeds.

However, if the project goes the way in which I hope, then I suspect I will collect information, like names and email addresses, possibly phone numbers.

I, or hopefully a volunteer or two, may contact you with updated information about the project.  This may include details about how many participants, how many sites have been planted, whether the project gets any traction and similar types of project related information.  There will be no way of actually collecting details of how many smiles we, together, will create but if we get any pictures of people smiling at one of your installations, please give us permission to publish it.

Be aware that this project intends to use social media sites to engage you and project.  Please make sure your settings are appropriate. We will use general location information to reveal how diverse the art project becomes, so when reporting a great installation it may be wise to only use a shortened postcode.

Naturally I will remove any personal information given to me when requested by contacting