Schools are invited to participate

Biology, Art, Maths, Team building, Collaboration, Social Awareness, Environmental Studies, Photography, Social Media studies & more

School organisers are invited to collaborate in the project in whatever manner works.

Sunflowers are ideal to teach how sowing, watering and nurturing creates life, the natural processes behind the growth, the interactions with bees and birds, the sunflower fibonacci and how they draw toxins from the air.
Just adding the word heliotropic to a vocabulary is a teacher’s victory.

For earlier years, growing a sunflower for a loved one is something they can continue throughout the holidays.

For older cohorts, perhaps a project to brighten a less well loved part of the school grounds or to challenge art students to become Van Gogh.

Working together, schools can engage the local community by potting and giving to people who are perhaps finding it hard to re-engage with society.

Having a few near the school entrance could brighten up life for all the school visitors (especially if this really becomes a UK wide living art piece).

Add the height of all your school’s sunflowers together and let me know your total in September

Bragging rights for individual students, classes and collectively as a school against others could cover categories such as aesthetic beauty, positive environmental impact, social impact but obviously tailor to own requirements.

Here we are using a happiness scale, so hearing from you that we have created even one smile, helps the score grow.


Tell me how I can make your school project stronger or what works for your school, so I can tell others.

All feedback gratefully accepted.