What is our mission?

We Want to Create the Largest Living Piece of Collaborative Artwork.

Please join our army of people who are planting sunflower seeds.

Whether you are a single person, planting a single seed, growing a single flower or part of a team working together to make lost areas near you look better, every sunflower is likely to add a smile to someone’s face.

Together we can not only put smiles on the faces of people growing and enjoying the sunflowers but also we can help build the bee highway and feed our birds.

The summer of 2021 is vital for our cumulative better mental health – how proud will you be to be an integral part of this project?

Imagine if together we can entertain 100s of 1000s individuals by planting seeds outside every vaccination centre, outside every school, in the Hebrides, the Shetlands, the Isles of Man and Wight, throughout Wales, Ireland and every city in the UK & beyond.

Sunflowers making people smile whenever they are seen.

For certain if you have read this web site, whenever you see a sunflower this year, it should make you smile, so I’m already calling this project a partial success.

How will we know if together we have created the biggest living art piece in the UK?

In all honesty I don’t know.

But I suspect if the press start asking where all these sunflowers have come from, we are in the running.

Please take the opportunity to add pictures of your sunflowers on our Facebook Page

Sunflower Stats

432People who say they will plant seeds
312Number of sites planted

Let’s Start Building Together

Let’s rebuild our communities

As we re-emerge from lockdown, we will need to re-engage with other people.

The Sunflower Gang hopes you will use the art as a way of opening conversations with others (at a socially responsible distance).

Your individually planted seed has the potential to create multiple conversations.

Now imagine the conversations and the smiles that together we can create this spring and summer.

Together, we can weave an art piece that sparks conversations across the land.

We all deserve moments in time which are simply good.

Plant your seeds then enjoy the buzz.